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HVAC systems digital room FCU thermostat for fan coil units

  1. Suitable for room water or electric floor heating infrared wall heater control
  2. Large clear LCD touch screen display
  3. Weekly programmable:7 days programmable and 6 period programmable per day
  4. Room temperature display accuracy 0.5°C
  5. Display and measurment instant room temperature at the same time
  6. Set comfortable room temperature you required in advance
  7. Low temperature protection function
  8. Backlights:blue
  9. 2 colors for choice:white,black
  10. Time control function
  11. Memory function:when power cut accidently,the setting data is kept
  12. Comfort and energy saving


  1. Power source:AC200-240VAC 50/60HZ
  2. Display accuracy: ±0.5ºC
  3. Probe sensor:NTC
  4. Power consumption: <0.3W
  5. Load current: 3A(water heating),16A(electric heating)
  6. Range of temperature adjustment: 5 ºC - 60 °C 
  7. Limit temperature range: 5-99°C
  8. Output:Switch relay
  9. Insulating condition:Normal environment
  10. Installation:Wall mounted 
  • Name: Digital Touch screenType WiFi Thermostat
  • Model: HY08WE-3WiFi

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