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HY03AC Modbus Programmable Touch Screen Room Thermostat

  1. Use for electric floor heating 
  2. 3 kinds of backlight for choice:white,blue,green
  3. 2 appearance colors for choice:white,black
  4. Load current: 16A ( electric heating ) . 3A(water heating)
  5. Large LCD touch screen
  6. Programmable: Weekly programmable
  7. Size:86*86*30mm
  8. Memory function:when power cut accidently,the setting data is keeped
  9. Low temperature protect function


HY03AC Modbus Programmable Touch Screen Room Thermostat

Power Supply

AC220V 50/60Hz 
Rated current 16A
Set Point Range 5-35°C    
Ambient temperature 0°C~50°C  
Size 86*86*30mm   
Storage temperature -10°C~60°C
Installation Wall mounted
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Sensor NTC
Protection Class IP30
Housing: ABS plastic
Application use for electric floor heating 
Weekly programmable Available 
Lock Key lock function(chlildren lock)
Type Touch screen,digital with timer
Certificate CE,RoHS




  • Name: Electrical underfloor heating digital thermostat
  • Model: HY08WE-2

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